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Cannabis & Tech are My Jam

Hello! My name is Grace Delgado and located in Austin, Texas. I am a copywriter, web developer, and co-founder of Poppy Digital.

I love the outdoors, my little black cat Princess Poppy, and enjoying a joint, a good whiskey, or a margarita after a long day at work. Outside of tech, I am actively involved in the Texas cannabis community.

As the co-founder of the Texas Cannabis Today, and a cannabis consultant, I’m finding the best methods to meet the demands of a fast pace community.

Grace Delgado, Co-Founder at Poppi Digital,

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A well-written copy is essential to a business. Generate and increase interest in your products and connect your target customer with your products.


E-commerce websites are an essential part of your business strategy. Give your customers access to your store 24/7 through your e-commerce website. Whether you're building an affiliate website, or selling a few products, I can build that for you.

Social Media Mgt

Social Media is an essential way for companies to reach customers, and when done correctly, it tells those consumers that their brand is active and focused on communication.

SEO Optimization

Good content, keyword research, and page optimization are all king in my book. Doing this brings you a balanced and optimized digital presence.


Knowing how people interact with your brand and clefiting the user journey so people can use you consistently is key to maintaining customers. We will work on a flow that fits the style of business you're searching for.

Web Development

Building a website that focus on what you need to meet your customers goals is my focus. We will go through what you're looking for in a website and find your fit.