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We Are Beyond

James Lockwood and Grace Delgado co-founded Poppi Digital when they realized they could use their skillsets in tandem to deliver client tasks quickly. 

James Lockwood is a full-stack web developer, and Grace Delgado is a content creator and SEO specialist based out of Austin, Texas.

To learn more about Grace Delgado and James Lockwood, check out their pages. 

Digital Lovers

Here at Poppi Digital, we know everyone should have a functioning website to get their message out in the world. 

We love everything tech and keep up to date with the trending news and updates that are put out by search engine platforms.

Being based in Austin, Texas, makes it a bit easier for us to continue to learn and build the best products for our clients. And we want to pass that knowledge on to you.

Poppi Digital - About Us

We Keep It Simple​

At the end of the day we are consistent regarding the basics of what makes a good website a good website. We want you to use your website as your tool for your business.

We Love To Explore​

Building a business takes time and your website is an extension of that business. We will take whatever steps you find necessary to successfully launch your project.

Your Vision. Our Mission.

We Believe In helping small business

Your web presence can be accomplished with the right team behind you.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

Check out a few of the brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with here at Poppi Digital.


We are best known for our content writing, SEO optimization, and our website development.

While it is important to have all your handles on each platform, if time is an issue or you’re looking to start on one platform, find where your audience is and build from there! 

Good content is one factor in your SEO score. When ranking on search engines, Google (in particular) takes into consideration over 200+ factors. From time on page, readability, and strategic placement of keywords all play important roles in accomplishing the coveted front page of Google.

here are practices that we can implement to show results. Contact us today and we will see what we can help you out with!

Social media is about where your audience’s attention is. The world is shifting to a digital presence in order to give the world access to their products and information 24/7.

Start somewhere! We have a blog that will be providing you with information about what we do as an agency. But starting somewhere with whatever you find interesting about the digital world is the best practice.

From developing the website to maintaining your social media accounts, we got you covered at Poppi Digital.

It’s our mission for you to be happy with your product. We are entirely transparent of our workflow to provide you with the best client experience possible.

Ready to chat about your business?

so are we.

Poppi Digital - About Us - GracePoppi Digital - About Us - Grace